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How to Clean Mattress?

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We spend about a third of our time on the mattress, so we should take measures to keep the mattress clean. Regularly cleaning the mattress can help reduce allergens in the bedroom and keep our mattress clean. Cleaning the mattress is not too difficult, we can do it with some basic cleaning tools, such as a cordless vacuum cleaner for home.



90-cordless vacuum cleaner for home

How to Clean the Mattress

Before cleaning the mattress, remove the pillows and decorations from the bed. All items covering the mattress must be removed.


1. Vacuum the Mattress

The first step in cleaning the mattress is to use a cordless home vacuum cleaner. The home vacuum cleaner will remove mites, dust, dead skin, hair and other debris from the mattress. We can use a small vacuum cleaner for home with a wide brush to vacuum the surface of the mattress. We can also use a handy vacuum cleaner for home equipped with a long nozzle to clean the cracks, edges, pipes, sides and corners, which are difficult to clean with traditional cleaning tools. Before using the house vacuum cleaner, we make sure that the nozzle and brush attachments are completely clean.



2. Stains

Any recent stains that are still wet should be cleaned up immediately. We should wet a clean cloth with cold water, then gently wipe off the stain, being careful not to scrub the stain too hard, as this will push it into the mattress.


We can put 30 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide and 15 milliliters of liquid dish soap in a small bowl and stir them together with a spoon to make soapy water. Then we soak the toothbrush in soapy water, then gently scrub the area where the stain is located, then wipe off the excess detergent with a clean damp cloth.


3. Clean Biological Stains with Enzyme Cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners can break down proteins in blood, urine, sweat, vomit and other biological stains. It can also effectively treat grease and oil stains. Spray some enzymatic cleaner on a clean cloth and wipe the stain with the cloth to saturate it. Let the enzyme cleaner sit for about 15 minutes. Then wipe the area with the same cloth to remove stains.


90-handy vacuum cleaner

4. Sprinkle Baking Soda on the Mattress

Once the stains are treated, the entire mattress should be deodorized. We can sprinkle a lot of baking soda on the surface of the mattress. To give our mattress a fresh smell, we can stir five drops of our favorite essential oil into the baking soda and sprinkle it on the mattress.


5. Let Baking Soda Absorb Odors

Let the baking soda stay on the mattress for at least 30 minutes, which will absorb the smell and liquid. If we have time, we can put the baking soda for a few hours. The longer it stays on the mattress, the more liquid and odors it absorbs.


6. Vacuum the Mattress Again

After letting the baking soda stay for a period of time, we need to use a domestic vacuum cleaner to clean the baking soda. Because baking soda is very small, it is difficult to clean it with other tools, so it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner for home use. We can use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush to vacuum the surface of the mattress, and use a vacuum cleaner at home equipped with a long nozzle to enter corners, cracks, joints, and pipes.



Keeping the mattress clean and hygienic can be said to be very important. The mattress is in close contact with human skin, so if the mattress is not cleaned regularly, it is easy to get skin diseases and cause allergies. The good vacuum cleaner for home makes the process of cleaning the mattress easier and the cleaning effect is better.




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