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How to Clean Different Types of Floors?

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There are many kinds of floor materials, and different floor materials have different cleaning methods. When cleaning the floor at home, we should choose a suitable cleaning method according to the material of the floor. In this article, we will introduce the cleaning methods of several common materials.



59.household vacuum cleaner

Method of Cleaning Laminate Floor

When cleaning the laminate floor, pay attention to keeping the floor dry, we should not wash it with a lot of water, and avoid soaking the floor. Normally we can use a household vacuum cleaner to remove the garbage. When cleaning stains on the laminate floor, we should use a neutral detergent instead of alkaline water or soapy water.



Method of Cleaning Hardwood Floor

When cleaning hardwood floors, we should keep the floor dry. The best cleaning method is to use a broom or floor vacuum cleaner to clean the floor, soak the cloth or mop with water and wring it dry, and then wipe the hardwood floor. The hardwood floor vacuum and mop are necessary to keep the hardwood floor clean and prolong its service life.



Methods of Cleaning Hardwood Composite Floor

In order to keep the hardwood composite floor dry and clean, we should not mop the floor with a mop that is too wet, nor use alkaline water or soapy water to wipe the floor, so as not to damage the gloss of the paint surface. When the floor is not too dirty, we can first use a hardwood floor vacuum to remove the garbage, and then use a dry rag or mop to clean the floor. If there is oil stain on the floor, we need to use a cloth dipped with warm water and a small amount of detergent to scrub.



Methods of Cleaning Cork Floor

When cleaning the cork floor, we should not rinse it with water, polish or clean with decontamination powder, just use floor vacuum cleaner and mop. If the floor is not too dirty, we only need to use a wrung mop or a rag to clean, and use a special detergent to remove the stain. And we should not use a sharp tool to remove dirty areas.



Methods of Cleaning Bamboo Floor

When cleaning the bamboo floor, we can use a clean broom or multi floor vacuum cleaner to sweep away the dust and debris, and then manually wipe it with a cloth wrung out of water. If the area is too large, we can use wood floor vacuum and mop. We should not clean the bamboo floor with too much water, nor clean it with a wet rag or mop. If any water is spilled on the ground, it should be wiped with a dry cloth immediately.



59.home vacuum cleaner for floor

Methods of Cleaning Porcelain Floor

When cleaning the tiles, we can use a hard floor vacuum cleaner to remove most of the dust and debris, and then we can use clean water or soapy water to clean the floor, but avoid using acid lotion to clean the tiles, otherwise it will easily cause the tiles to turn yellow. In addition, we should avoid directly rubbing the surface of the tiles with hard brushes and sandpaper.



Methods of Cleaning Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are mostly used in garages. Because concrete has strong dirt absorption capacity, it is more difficult to clean. When cleaning unsealed concrete floors, firstly we use a broom to remove the dust on the surface, and then rinse with a powerful multifunctional cleaning fluid, then let the floor air dry.



Methods of Cleaning Natural Stone Floor

When cleaning the natural stone floor, firstly we need to use a hard floor vacuum to remove most of the garbage, and then clean it with clean water. We should avoid cleaning with acidic or alkaline liquids. After cleaning with water, we can wipe the floor to make it shiny.



In general, no matter what kind of floor, a home vacuum cleaner for floor can be used in the cleaning process, which can clean the floor more efficiently and with less effort.




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