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How to Choose the Suitable Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

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The commercial vacuum cleaner is a commonly used cleaning equipment in large and medium-sized commercial public places. It is mainly used for the filtration and collection of solid and liquid waste on the ground or wall, and uniform treatment and cleaning, providing a low-carbon and environmentally friendly cleaning solution for the commercial environment.



72-perfect commercial vacuum cleaner

Suggestions of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

For the purchase of commercial vacuum cleaners, the methods of selecting household vacuum cleaners cannot be used for selection of commercial vacuum cleaner. The best commercial vacuum cleaner for our environment can be selected from the following aspects.


1. Power.

No matter it is a household vacuum cleaner or a heavy-duty commercial vacuum cleaner, the greater the power, the greater the suction power. In fact, many commercial vacuum cleaners have lower power, but greater suction power. So, vacuum cleaners with low power, environmental protection and energy saving are the inevitable development trend in the future. In addition, multiple motors are not necessarily more powerful than single motors.


2. Noise

So far, there is no vacuum cleaner in the world that is truly silent, there are only relatively silent ones. The operating sound of commercial vacuum cleaners is generally around 70 decibels, which is a completely normal noise category. The vacuum cleaner sucks small particles into the dust bag by vacuum, which means negative pressure. The vacuum is generated by a vortex fan driven by a motor. The fan speed is as high as 30,000 rpm, which is not achieved by ordinary motors. Since the vacuum cleaner is a short-time working appliance, the national standard stipulates that the noise of the vacuum cleaner is not more than 85 decibels. As for people who complain about loud noises, most of them are due to personal habits of staying in a quiet place. Another situation is that the vacuum cleaner malfunctions and does not operate normally.


3. Bucket Capacity

Taking into account that commercial vacuum cleaners are aimed at large and medium-sized business and public office environments, these environments are not only wide, but also have a lot of scattered garbage. Therefore, commercial HEPA vacuum cleaners should use a bucket capacity of about 30 liters to 60 liters. If it is less than 30 liters, we need to dump the garbage in the bucket many times, and it is generally unusable if it is above 60 liters. Except for special circumstances, the barrel capacity of general commercial vacuum cleaners are mainly 30L, 35L, and 60L.


4. Operating Radius

Wide area commercial vacuum cleaners are often operated in large areas. According to the actual situation, the operating radius should be about 8.5 meters, 15 meters, and 20 meters. It is inconvenient to operate if it is below 8.5 meters, and the socket needs to be replaced frequently.


5. Diameter of Suction Port

Household horizontal vacuum cleaners generally use a diameter of 32mm, and the minimum standard for commercial vacuum cleaners is 35mm. Generally speaking, the larger the caliber, the larger the suction efficiency area, and it is easier to clean large-volume substances in commercial places.


6. Price

There are many types of commercial vacuum cleaners on the market. Commercial vacuum cleaner prices also vary a lot. It is not recommended to use commercial vacuum cleaners below 500 yuan, and it is not recommended to use commercial vacuum cleaners above 3,000 yuan. The former is for product quality considerations, while the latter is purely uneconomical.


72-commercial vacuum


In short, before choosing a commercial vacuum cleaner, first survey the environment where it will be used, and then select the appropriate brand according to your budget. According to the actual situation, you can choose the perfect commercial vacuum cleaner by online shopping.




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