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How to Choose A Vacuum Machine for Large Workshops?

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The traditional method is to use a large broom or a large dust push to clean the tools used for large-area floor cleaning. But this cleaning method will produce a lot of powder and floating ash. Some people will also sprinkle some water to reduce dust before cleaning. This is the most common and cost-saving way in our past. However, this method has an obvious disadvantage, that is, when cleaning or cleaning, the dust is all over the sky. This will make the cleaning personnel unable to see clearly and have difficulty breathing. After you clean it, the ground seems clean. But after a few hours, the ground will get dirty again. This is because during the cleaning, the raised dust fell to the ground after a period of time.


84.industrial high pressure cleaners

The Role of Sweeper Machine


Later, the sweeper machine came into being. It is really convenient to clean the floor with industrial shop floor sweepers. The floor sweeper machine has a portable type and a control type. The advantages of the sweeper include good cleaning effect, no dust, and bulky waste can still be collected.


However, due to the high cost of sweepers, many factories are unwilling to spend such a high value to deal with the dust in the workshop. The industrial floor sweeper for sale may have a series of problems later.


In addition, if the ground is too dirty, the sweeper will still be unclean, because the sweeper does not have a good effect on cleaning the ground. The sweeper can only remove floating dust and particles on the surface. But the scrubber is different, it can deeply clean waste and dirt on the ground.


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Another better way is to use the newly developed industrial handheld vacuum cleaners on the market. It can completely replace the sweeper, but it cannot replace the scrubber. The hand-push industrial vacuum cleaner is 1/3 of the price of an ordinary sweeper. Not only can it quickly and efficiently clean up the dust on a large area of the factory floor, but the price is almost the same as the usual 220V industrial vacuum cleaner.


The hand-push industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with a set of front vacuum cleaners directly in front of the machine. Just put down the front vacuum cleaner during operation. The remaining application methods are no different from the usual industrial vacuum cleaners. For example, WL70 CE CB EMC super suction cyclone vacuum cleaner has large capagity and super power with two/three motors inside. It is easy and convenient to use, and it can clean up the ground of 1800-2300 square meters per hour. For some large-scale factory workshops, warehouses or field squares and other local cleaning, it is a very popular model.


84.large industrial vacuum cleaner

Features of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


The casing of the vacuum cleaner for industrial use and the trash can are made of steel, iron or stainless steel with the thickness of the standard. The casing can effectively protect the motor part from damage. Commercial vacuum cleaners and home vacuum cleaners mostly use plastic casings and frames, which are relatively lightweight.



The bag-type main dust filter of the large industrial vacuum cleaner has been specially treated to prevent dust from hanging, which can effectively filter a large amount of dust and at the same time prolong the service life of the dust filter.


The motors of industrial vacuum cleaners all use imported pumps and require a 380V power source to ensure strong power, which can work continuously for 24 hours and is durable. The 220V single-phase motors used in commercial and household machines are motors with carbon brushes, and the carbon brushes have a certain design life. Generally, it has a working life of 800-1000 hours. Then, if the carbon brush is worn or damaged, the motor will malfunction.


Cleaning and tidying up large areas is very simple at this stage, and there is no need to clean and clean with a broom as before. If you need to clean and organize frequently, it is recommended to purchase industrial high pressure cleaners. If it is not frequently used, choose a hand-push industrial vacuum cleaner. The detailed application situation and function still depend on the actual application place to decide.




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