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How Will the Vacuum Cleaner Industry Develop?

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With the improvement of China's overall consumption level, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of life, and vacuum cleaner have become one of their main small home appliances.


Wet vacuum cleaner entered the Chinese market in the 1980s. After years of development, according to data from third-party organizations, the penetration rate has reached about 15%. At present, the mainstream products in the market include horizontal vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, wireless handhold vacuum cleaners, bucket vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots. Among them, the fastest growing market is the wireless handhold vacuum cleaner.


14wireless handhold vacuum cleaners

However, the penetration rate of vacuum cleaners in China is significantly lower than that in developed countries. For example, domestic vacuum cleaners are essential household appliances in the United States, with a penetration rate of up to 90%. First of all, the main consumer group of dry and wet vacuum cleaner is the general public. With the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, the demand for improvement of home environment is becoming more and more urgent. The demand for vacuum cleaners will have a new breakthrough, and the penetration rate is expected to continue to increase. Third-party organizations predict that by 2021, the penetration rate of household vacuum cleaners in China will reach 19%, and will exceed 40% by 2035.


It can be seen that the vacuum cleaner industry in China is in the stage of transition from non-essential to essential consumer goods. With the gradual improvement of the consumer environment, the popularity of vacuum cleaners is certain. Faced with such a vast market blue ocean, how should the vacuum cleaner industry move forward?


There are several trends that are worth noting.


First, the rapid advancement of online channels.


From the channel dimension, as with other small appliances, vacuum cleaners are products with high penetration of e-commerce channels, and with the help of e-commerce platforms, vacuum cleaners have also developed vigorously. In the first half of 2019, the online market for vacuum cleaners leaped ahead. According to data from mainstream e-commerce platforms of third-party organizations, online retail sales and retail sales, the two most important indicator data, have increased by 30.6% and 45.5% respectively year-on-year, far higher than offline, of which the vacuum cleaner line. The amount of retail sales has doubled offline.


Therefore, it can be said that e-commerce has undoubtedly become the most important channel for consumers to buy vacuum cleaners. The rapid expansion of the online sales of vacuum cleaners is gradually overturning the competition in the vacuum cleaner market. With the development of e-commerce and the improvement of supporting services such as logistics and online payment, the online market scale will continue to maintain rapid growth. Commercial vacuum cleaner and industry vacuum cleaner are very popular now.


Secondly, mainstream brands began to increase product upgrades, leading the entire industry to follow up.


In addition to breakthroughs in suction and battery life, most mainstream companies are focusing on improvements and improvements in user experience. For example, a new foreign vacuum cleaner has a new LCD display on the top of the fuselage, and is equipped with three microprocessors inside, which are connected to the carpet suction head, V11 digital motor and battery, and can be intelligently adjusted according to different floors.


But product upgrades are actually not easy, because in addition to the need for manufacturers to do a good job in cross-border technology, how to balance the relationship between technology and practicality is also an important issue.


11vertical vacuum cleaner

Finally, personalized product design has gradually become a trend.


In terms of the appearance of the product alone, the design of the vacuum cleaner is developing towards refinement and artistry, and it will more closely match the style of the entire home on display. The weight of the product itself is getting lighter and lighter, and it is also the continuous improvement of the product experience, which is more convenient and handy for female users.


In short, the vacuum cleaner industry is at a critical moment of transformation and upgrading. As an important part of health appliances, the vacuum cleaner industry is also facing huge pressure in addition to its rapid development. Only those who follow the trend can develop for a long time.




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