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How Will the Vacuum Cleaner Develop in the Future?

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The appearance of vacuum cleaners has a history of more than 100 years. The cleaning robot as a smart cleaning method is developing rapidly. Smarter and more convenient is the future development direction. What about the future of vacuum cleaners?


One hundred years ago, people used compressed air to blow dust into the container, and Booth in England thought that this method was not clever. Instead, it turned the blowing of dust into suction dust. In August 1901, Booth Applied for a vacuum cleaner patent, which is the earliest prototype of the vacuum cleaner in the world.


Ordinary vacuum cleaner products earlier than Booth's vacuum cleaners can be traced back to 1860, and they can absorb dust and dirt generated on the ground. But it is just a carpet sweeper, which is difficult to be accepted by the public because of its heavy equipment and clumsy operation.


With the development of the times, large-scale vacuum cleaners have been unable to meet people's needs, so a portable vacuum cleaner was produced. In 1905, Walter Griffith of Birmingham, England replaced the fuel-powered vacuum cleaner and invented the power-supply vacuum cleaner. It is portable and easy to store, and can be operated by any ordinary person.


portable vacuum cleaner

Until 1921, Sweden's Axel Winnagren introduced an innovative V-shaped machine. The model was designed to lie on two thin metal slides on the floor. This innovation became a standard feature of later generations of vacuum cleaners, and also a heading for the development of modern vacuum cleaners.


After more than 100 years of development, today's vacuum cleaner machines have various forms, and the vacuum cleaner industry is in a vigorous development period. How will vacuum cleaners develop in the future? Maybe the wired vacuum will withdraw from the historical stage while wireless vacuum dominates the market. Wireless vacuum cleaner has become synonymous with efficiency and convenience, especially the vacuum cleaner industry has set off a "wireless" boom. There are the reasons.


(1) Wireless  vacuum is efficient and convenient instead of the tiring and clumsy of brooms and wired vacuum cleaners.

(2) Although the appearance of the sweeper can solve many cleaning problems, the area above the ground still needs a vacuum cleaner.

(3) The middle class has become the main force of consumption, and more people hope to be liberated from the heavy floor cleaning.


The convenient wireless vacuum cleaner can clean the ceiling, bed bottom, gaps, etc. Due to the complexity of the home environment, in addition to floor cleaning, mattresses, corners, and bed bottoms, gaps, ceilings, and household appliance surfaces are also prone to dust accumulation. Therefore, it is possible to replace multiple suction head vacuum cleaners.


house vacuum cleaner

In the past, the functions of separate car vacuum cleaners, mite removal devices, and short handhelds can now be done with one machine. Therefore, the future wireless vacuum cleaners will have more suction heads, replacing car vacuum cleaners and mite removal devices.


The development process of the sweeping robot is from the initial suction to the drag, which is in line with the cleaning habit of sweeping after dragging. The same should be true of the vacuum cleaner. The mop function is added to the vacuum cleaner, which is no longer limited to the single function of vacuuming, but also helps daily use.


The slim body, modern and simple design, and full sense of technology are the design directions of push rod and vertical vacuum cleaners. The visual effects of vacuum cleaners often become a key factor for consumers to buy or not.


In addition, the motor speed of the core component motor, the dust separation technology, the sealing effect of the product, the design of the air duct, and the filtering capacity of the filter material are directly related to the cleaning effect and long-term performance of the product.


Vacuum cleaners have experienced the development of manual cleaning, horse-drawn vacuum cleaners, and portable vacuum cleaners. In the future fierce competition in the vacuum cleaner market, portable and efficient vacuum cleaners will become the first choice for more people.




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