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How To Clean Hardwood Floors?

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Many families choose to use hardwood floor. After hardwood floor has been used for a period of time, it is important to maintain and clean the hardwood floor. Many people just know cleaning the hardwood floor with hardwood floor vacuum. In this article, we will tell you how to maintain and clean hardwood floors.



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How to Maintain Hardwood Floor?

When walking on hardwood floors, we should wear cloth slippers. Ans we need to put soft bottom protective pads on the bottom of the furniture to avoid scratching the wear-resistant layer of hardwood flooring, and don't let heavy objects damage the wear-resistant layer. We should not use sandpaper, sanders, steel brushes, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean hardwood floors, which will scratch the hardwood floor, while vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors will not. This is why moat people choose hardwood vacuum cleaners


We should prevent strong long-lasting sun exposure or rain soaking on hardwood floor. In addition, we need to prevent water overflow from balconies, bathrooms and kitchens. When we go out, we should check and close all water facilities, and try to avoid hardwood floors from contacting water. What’s more, we should avoid direct blowing of hot and cold air from household appliances and baking hardwood floors. And we need to avoid opening the door for a long time, which will cause the outside wind to blow directly on the hardwood floor.


Special stains such as oil stains, paint and ink can be wiped with a special scouring oil. Blood stains, fruit juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains should be wiped with a damp cloth or dipped in an appropriate amount of hardwood floor cleaner. In short, strong acid-base liquids should not be used to clean hardwood floors.



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How to Clean Hardwood Floor?

We need to use hardwood floor vacuum and mop regularly to clean wooden floors. Because hardwood floors are prone to damp and breed bacteria, we should try to choose a best vacuum for hardwood floors with a filter. While absorbing visible garbage, the hardwood vacuum can also filter out some harmful microparasites through the filter. In order to avoid damage to the wooden floor, we can also replace the vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet with a special wooden floor suction nozzle. The soft bristles lightly touch the floor, and the soft rubber rollers can protect the hardwood floor to the greatest extent.


We can also use a broom to sweep the dust on the surface of the hardwood floor, and then wipe the surface of the hardwood floor with a rag or mop that has been soaked and wrung out. There is vacuum broom for hardwood floors which can replace ordinary broom. After mopping the floor, it is best to open the doors and windows to allow air to circulate, dry the hardwood floors as soon as possible, and keep the hardwood floors dry and clean.



Only the solid wood floor is cleaned and maintained well, can the service life and beauty of the solid wood floor be guaranteed. And in order to maintain and clean hardwood floor, a good vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor can help a lot. Hopefully, the cleaning and maintenance knowledge of hardwood floor above will help you to maintain the floor and select the best vacuum for hardwood for you.




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