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How Often Should You Vacuum?

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Many people choose to use vacuum cleaners when they are cleaning, probably once a day, probably once every two days. In fact, the frequency of vacuum cleaners is different in different living spaces.



Vacuum Cleaner 99-3

Cleaning of entrance

Usually, we put a mat on the floor of the entrance as the boundary between the outside and the interior, so that most of the dust and dirt will stay on the mat instead of being taken indoors. So, if we're going to clean the entrance, we need to clean the carpet first. It is no need to  clean the carpet very often. We just need to use the best cordless vacuum for carpet or handy vacuum cleaner for home at least 3-5 days.



Cleaning of kitchen

If you are used to cooking at home, the kitchen is a place that is frequently used. It's hard to avoid soiling the ground when we clean and dispose of vegetables. But sometimes debris and water stains on the floor are not easy to deal with. Using a mini wet vacuum cleaner or cordless mini vacuum can solve this problem easily. Of course, the safety design of these vacuum cleaners can ensure that you will not have electricity problems in some special cases. You just need to use them to clean up after using the kitchen.



Always vacuum before the holidays

Are you going on a long trip tomorrow? Packing can be done two days before the trip, and then the last day is set aside for cleaning the entire room. It can not only reduce the accumulation of dust, but also give you the opportunity to check whether there is furniture or electrical damage, and reduce the risk of home safety. If you have a robot floor sweeper or floor vacuum cleaner robot in your home, you don't even have to worry about dust, because they can automatically clean and find a plug to recharge.



Vacuum Cleaner 99-2

Cleaning of different ground environment

You need to buy vacuum and carpet cleaner all in one or best vacuum for area rugs and hardwood floors if you have carpet and wood floor at home. The vacuum cleaner can change different brush heads to clean different scenes. Wood floors, carpets, tiles can be cleaned, and the vacuum cleaner is also equipped with LED lights, so you can see where the dust and garbage are when you clean the dark places such as the bottom of the bed and sofa.



Cleaning for hair

Families with pets are always bothered by their pets' hair. Pets leave hair wherever they go. Therefore, we need to spend time and energy to clean their hair every day. Girls with long hair will also have such troubles. They can always inadvertently find their hair falling, on the floor, on the bed, on the sofa. Long hair is more difficult to clean because they are small and will not clump together easily. So, in terms of cleaning hair, the best bagless vacuum for pet hair and handy vacuum cleaner for home can help you solve the problem of hair.



Whether the vacuum cleaner can clean the ground mainly depends on the suction size. The greater the suction, the more garbage and dust that the vacuum cleaner collect with the higher the cleaning rate. On the contrary, if the suction is too small, the dust cannot be sucked up, which is very inefficient for the cleaning rate. If the filter system of the vacuum cleaner works poorly, the discharged air will cause secondary pollution. Secondary pollution can cause bad effects on the body, especially the elderly and children.




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