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How Many Types of Vacuum Cleaners Do You Know?

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For many families, household vacuum cleaners are familiar. The vacuum cleaner has liberated our hands, and we no longer have to bend down to clean the floor. So, how many types of vacuum cleaners are there? In this article we will introduce this in details.



58.home vacuum cleaners

Classified according to the Shape of the Vacuum Cleaner

1. Horizontal Vacuum Cleaner

Horizontal vacuum cleaners are the most common type in Asia and Europe, and are characterized by small size and convenient storage. Horizontal vacuum cleaners are divided into dust box vacuum cleaners and dust bag vacuum cleaners.


2. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners are more common in the American market and are suitable for cleaning large carpet.


3. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The handheld floor vacuum cleaner has a compact size and is very convenient to carry and use. It is a vacuum cleaner for car and home and has a good effect on keyboards and electrical appliances. The disadvantage is that the suction power is not strong enough.


4. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner can automatically clean the dust on the floor, and automatically clean up hair and debris. High-end vacuum cleaners can automatically clean and charge. The advantages of robot vacuum cleaners for floor are low noise, small size, and easy access to places that traditional vacuum cleaners cannot reach.



Classification of Vacuum Cleaner by Function

1. Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Dry vacuum cleaners do not use water as a medium and can’t suck wet items.


2. Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners for home are also called water filter vacuum cleaners, which use water as a medium to deposit dust and fine garbage in the dust collection cup.



58.household vacuum cleaners

Classified by the Filter Method of the Vacuum Cleaner

1. Dust Bag Vacuum Cleaner

Dust is filtered through the dust bag in the dust bag cleaner. The advantage of using a dust bag as a filter is that it is easy to clean and does not need to be cleaned every day. But its disadvantage is that the dust bag needs to be replaced.


2. Dust Cup Vacuum Cleaner

The dust cup vacuum cleaner for home separates garbage and gas through the high-speed rotation of the motor to form a vacuum airflow, and then filters the air through HEPA and other filter materials to prevent secondary pollution. The advantage of the dust cup vacuum cleaner is that the dust bag does not need to be replaced frequently, but the disadvantage is that it must be cleaned after the dust is collected.


3. Dust cup and Dust Bag Combo Vacuum Cleaner

The dust cup and dust bag combo vacuum cleaner is the combination of the above two filter methods. Dust bags are more suitable for large-scale cleaning, while the dust cup is suitable for daily small cleaning.


4. Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

The water filter vacuum cleaner uses water as a filter medium to lock dust and microorganisms in the water. The water filtration effect is very good, and it can be used for both dry and wet garbage. The disadvantage of the water filter vacuum cleaner is that it needs to be cleaned every time it is used.



There are many types of home vacuum cleaners, and their functions are different. When we buy a vacuum cleaner, we need to choose according to our actual needs.




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