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How Does the Vacuum Cleaner Work?

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Vacuum cleaners are popular now, but do you know how vacuum cleaners work? Before understanding its working principle, lets learn about its composition structure.

 20 commercial vacuum cleaners

1. Power part of vacuum cleaner


The power parts of hoover vacuum cleaner industrial are motor and governor. The governor is divided into hand control and machine control.


2. Vacuum cleaner motor.


Wet industrial vacuum cleaner motors include copper wire motors and aluminum wire motors. Copper wire motor has the advantages of high temperature resistance, long life and long single operation time. But its price is higher than aluminum wire. The aluminum wire motor has the characteristics of low price, but the temperature resistance is poor, the melting point is low, and the life is not as long as the copper wire.


3. Vacuum cleaner governor


Manually controlled governors are generally adjusted with dampers. The machine-controlled speed governor is adjusted by the power supply hand-held button or infrared.


4. Vacuum cleaner filtration system


The filter system includes dust bags for vacuum cleaners, front filter and rear filter. According to different filter materials, it can be divided into paper, cloth, SMS, and HEPA (HEPA high efficiency filter material).


5. Functional part of vacuum cleaner


The functional part of vacuum and steam cleaners includes a take-up and pay-off mechanism, a dust full indicator, a button or a slide switch.


6. Vacuum cleaner protection measures


Vacuum cleaner protection measures include dust-free bag protection, high vacuum protection, anti-interference protection (soft start), overheat protection, and anti-static protection.

 20 vacuum and steam cleaners

7. Vacuum cleaner accessories


Big power vacuum cleaners accessories include handle and hose, take over, floor brush, flat suction, round brush, bed brush, sofa suction, hook, strap.


So how exactly does the vacuum cleaner work? The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is that the motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at high speed, and the air is sucked from the suction port, so that the dust box generates a certain vacuum. Dust enters the dust filter bag in the dust box through the floor brush, takeover, handle, hose, and main suction pipe. Dust is left in the dust filter bag, and the filtered air passes through a layer of filter sheet to enter the motor. This layer of filter is a protective barrier to prevent the dust bag from rupturing and sucking the dust into the motor. The air entering the motor flows out through the motor. Due to the continuous wear of the carbon brushes while the motor is running, another filter is added before it flows out of the vacuum cleaner.


The finer the filter material, the cleaner the air will be, but the poorer the air permeability. This affects the air volume drawn by the motor and reduces the efficiency of the wet robot vacuum cleaner. Therefore, HYPA filters have become very popular in recent years.


Hypa is a high-efficiency filter that can block very small dust with an efficiency of 99.97%. Its air permeability is low, so it is made into a wave shape to increase the air permeability area. Some of this filter material can also be washed repeatedly.Any filter material has a life span. After long-term use, the pores of the filter material have been blocked by small particles of dust. The paper dust bag is disposable after use, which is hygienic and convenient. After the cloth filter bag is cleaned, the fibers will harden, which will affect the filtering effect and ventilation effect. SMS three-layer composite filter material is washable, but the permeability is slightly lower.


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