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How Does Washing Machine Work whit Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

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The cleaning of enterprise factories covers all aspects. According to previous analysis, traditional manual cleaning methods cannot effectively clean up the dust and dirt generated every day. When mopping the floor, the sticky dirt on the ground cannot be dragged away. If the amount of water is used too much, it will cause a humid environment in the room, which is not easy to evaporate in the factory workshop. This will cause corrosion to equipment, facilities, and vehicles over time. If you sweep the floor, you can't clean the sticky dirt on the ground. If there is more ground dust, it will be easier to generate secondary dust. If you mop the floor, only a small part of the dust can be taken away, and the sticky dirt on the ground cannot be cleaned. The advent of the floor cleaning machine for industrial use can fully solve all the above problems. For the dirt that is more difficult to clean, you can add a detergent to the wet vac floor cleaner for cleaning. Industrial vacuum cleaner and industrial floor sweeper are relatively common industrial cleaning equipments.


83.floor cleaning machine for industrial use

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner And Its Working Principle


The vacuum cleaner for industrial use adopts AC power, which has a relatively high power, and is generally divided into two types: movable type and fixed type. Its working principle is to use a motor to drive a high-pressure sub-machine (or use an integrated machine) to generate negative pressure in a limited volume, thereby generating suction. After the medium is sucked in, it is filtered through a filter bag or a filter barrel for secondary filtration.


The normal type can only absorb dry media with a higher water content. Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner can absorb oil, water, etc. generated during processing. After installing the exhaust pipe, it can be used to absorb smoke and gas generated during the production operation.


All kinds of dust and garbage are constantly produced around the work in the factory and workshop of the enterprise every day. If the cleaning is not timely, the scattered hard objects will wear and damage the ground to a certain extent. The combination of a floor scrubber and an industrial vacuum cleaner can effectively solve such a complex environment. The industrial dust vacuum cleaner is used to suck up relatively large particles, and then the scrubber is used for cleaning and mopping the floor. In this way, it can not only clean up garbage quickly, but can also perform tasks such as cleaning and mopping the ground simultaneously, and can also provide a tidy working environment for production employees, which indirectly improves production efficiency. Therefore, industrial scrubber dryers and industrial vacuum cleaners will be the best partners for future cleaning work.


83.high power industrial vacuum cleaner

Dust from Steel Processing Plants


Different from other types of factories, steel factories have large material throughput, more powder and granular materials, and more dust production points. In addition, unorganized emissions such as dust from stock yards, dust from transportation and fumes from factory buildings are more prominent. Dust needs special dust removal equipment to clean and sweep, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce the time of shutdown and shutdown due to dust accumulation failures. Among them, the high power industrial vacuum cleaner is a must-have dust removal device in the steel industry.




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