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How Do You View the Accelerating Vacuum Cleaner Market?

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The concentration of vacuum cleaner online brands is higher. From the perspective of brand competition, the current vacuum cleaner market revolves around the above four types of products. Among them, the most concentrated brand in the market is the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner.


8vacuum cleaner market

Since 2018, the number of vacuum cleaner brands on sale has greatly increased. In addition, the number of e-commerce platform brands is significantly higher than that of the offline market, especially robot vacuum cleaners, which have the highest investment in e-commerce platforms.


The number of brands of vertical vacuum cleaners has remained basically unchanged, and the number of brands of handheld push rod vacuum cleaners has changed significantly. Robot vacuum cleaners are the most concentrated product types in the industry. It can be seen that e-commerce is the main battlefield of robot vacuum cleaner brand competition and resource deployment; as a supplement type product of vacuum cleaners, the number of online brand launches has also continued to increase. This shows that although the vacuum cleaner has achieved success in the dual-line market sales performance. But there is no doubt that e-commerce is also the most competitive field for vacuum cleaner brands.


Whether it is the scale change of the vacuum cleaner market, or the trend of channels and product types, it is to confirm the future development direction of the vacuum cleaner market, that is, the improvement of product technology and the improvement of end user experience.


In fact, compared with other mature products such as home appliances, small appliances actually carry more trial and error costs for users. With the continuous improvement of vacuum cleaner product technology, the end user's experience has also improved, which greatly reduces the user's trial and error costs. And the vacuum cleaner has gradually transitioned from the impulse purchase in the past to a must-have purchase for the family. This trend also embodies the confidence of end users in life electrical products.


From the technical perspective, the current popular vacuum cleaners are mainly focused on the enhancement of dust removal capacity; from the product structure point of view, it is mainly the continuous improvement of large suction penetration; at this stage, the motors of vacuum cleaners in the market can generally reach 30,000 to 50,000 rpm. The motor of the product can reach more than 100,000 revolutions, which can convert more suction, and the working time and service life are longer.


In addition to large suction, another technical indicator for measuring vacuum cleaners is the continuity of large suction. As can be seen from the product type, from the traditional barrel type, horizontal type to the current vertical vacuum cleaner and handhold vacuum cleaner. There has been great improvement and improvement in the internal structure of the product. For example, paper and cloth dust bags are prone to clogging, resulting in improved air circulation. From the perspective of the improvement and improvement of product technology, there is still a lot of room for vacuum cleaner products.

10vacuum cleaner online brands

In addition, the improvement of technology is also reflected in the transition from a single-head vacuum cleaner to a multi-head vacuum cleaner. And the enhancement of hair suction function to meet the needs of pet family users. At the same time, the sweeping machine is also welcomed in the terminal. In addition to the sweeping and dragging function of the robot vacuum cleaner, the vertical vacuum cleaner product is also loaded with the sweeping and dragging function, which is favored by users.


The optimization of vacuum cleaner product structure has undoubtedly improved the end user's experience. Wireless winding allows users to get rid of space restrictions, and the degree of freedom and flexibility of use is higher. In the future, people's lives are inseparable from vacuum cleaners.




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