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Filtration Accuracy of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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In recent years, industrial vacuum cleaners have been recognized by many companies, but many companies are not very clear about the selection of industrial vacuum cleaners. When buying vacuum cleaners, companies mainly focus on the power of vacuum cleaners. Few companies pay attention to other parameters of industrial vacuum cleaners. They thought that the greater the power of industrial vacuum cleaners, the better. This is not the case. There are many parameters of industrial vacuum cleaners, the power of industrial vacuum cleaners is only one of them, and not all represent the level of industrial vacuum cleaners. Therefore, when purchasing industrial vacuum cleaners, companies should not only pay attention to power, but also pay attention to filtration systems and recycling systems.


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An important principle for the selection of hoover vacuum cleaner industrial is to choose the most suitable model according to their own needs, instead of focusing on only one parameter. We should consider buying from industrial vacuum cleaner systems, industrial vacuum cleaner filtration systems, and industrial vacuum cleaner accessories and accessory systems. Only the vacuum cleaner purchased in this way is the most suitable and most cost-effective industrial vacuum cleaner product. Because there are many classifications of industrial vacuum cleaners. For example, there are common high-power industrial vacuum cleaners according to the power of industrial vacuum cleaners, explosion-proof vacuum cleaners used in special places for explosion-proof use, and clean room vacuum cleaners used in clean rooms. Therefore, the selection of industrial vacuum cleaners is a comprehensive consideration.


In our actual sales of industrial vacuum cleaners, many customers who have purchased industrial vacuum cleaners often feedback that the industrial vacuum cleaners used before have just started to work well when consulting related issues. But after a period of time, the vacuum cleaner motor is easy to burn out, or the machine is like a smoke bomb when it is turned on, which is very troublesome when it is used. They thought it was caused by the quality of the industrial vacuum cleaner. This is not the case. This is because enterprises do not consider the parameters of industrial vacuum cleaners in an all-round way when purchasing industrial vacuum cleaners.


Industrial vacuum cleaner robot are mainly used to collect iron filings, dust particles in the factory workshop and sewage on the ground, oil stains on the machine table, cutting oil and other debris. Most customers only consider the price when purchasing industrial vacuum cleaners, but pay little attention to whether they are applicable.


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So why do some industrial vacuum cleaners appear this way? Most industrial cyclone vacuum cleaner on the market are ordinary 220V, and the filter has only one layer of dust filter, so the filtration accuracy is not high (generally maintained at 10 microns). Generally, the dust particles in the production workshop of the factory are about five microns, so the dust barrier cannot be filtered. When the vacuum cleaner is working for a long time, the dust particles will reach the motor room along the airflow, and even some metal dust will adhere to the vacuum cleaner motor coil, so that the vacuum cleaner motor is easy to burn.Vacuum cleaners work in this environment for a long time, and the dust accumulates and cannot be cleaned for a long time. When the machine is turned on, the dust will fly out of the machine along the airflow and reach the factory floor to cause secondary pollution. But the most important thing is not just to cause secondary pollution. At the same time, due to the relatively low filtering capacity of this water vacuum cleaner industrial, a lot of fine dust enters the motor through the filter . This time will cause damage to the motor bearings. In severe cases, the circuit may burn down or cause a fire.


When purchasing vacuum cleaner for industrial, we recommend that you choose the correct model for your environment, rather than simply considering the price of the machine. When customers buy industrial vacuum cleaners, they should explain to the sales staff the size of the dust particles to be adsorbed, and let the professional sales staff recommend the best model for you. When buying a vacuum cleaner, we recommend that companies not only buy industrial vacuum cleaners with only dust filter, but also buy industrial vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency filtration or large-area filters. Because the filtration system of industrial vacuum cleaners is indeed an important indicator of the quality of industrial vacuum cleaners. At the same time, this industrial vacuum cleaner can also greatly extend the service life. Therefore, the price of this industrial vacuum cleaner can be reflected in the value of long-term use.


Our industrial vacuum cleaners have high filtration accuracy and competitive prices. Our company can not only provide industrial vacuum cleaners, but also commercial vacuum cleaners, household vacuum cleanersash vacuum cleaner, and so on. Welcome to visit our official website for consultation.





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