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Explosion-proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Causes of Dust Explosions

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Many people are well aware of gas explosions and car explosions. But few people know about the dust explosion. Dust explosions generally occur in industrial production or processing. As we all know, flour is easy to explode, as well as aluminum alloy door and window processing, laser sintering 3D printing. Let's talk about dust explosions and the explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner.


38.commercial vacuum cleaners

Three conditions for Dust Explosion


1.The combustible dust is suspended in the air at an appropriate concentration.


Explosive dust includes metal powder (such as magnesium powder, aluminum powder), coal powder, grain powder (such as wheat, starch), feed powder (such as blood meal, fish meal), agricultural and sideline product powder (such as cotton, tobacco), forest product powder (Such as paper powder, wood powder), synthetic material powder (such as plastic powder, dye powder).


The dust generated in the production process of some mines, especially the dust generated in the processing of some organic matter, will explode and burn under certain conditions.


2.There is sufficient air and oxidant.


3. There is a fire source or strong vibration and friction.


Dust explosion occurs at the moment when all three conditions of enough oxygen, dust whose concentration exceeds the lower limit of explosion and minimum ignition energy are all reached. As long as even one condition can be suppressed, the explosion of dust can be prevented. Therefore, the more precise focus of explosion prevention is to try to control oxygen and ignition sources.


38.Industrial vacuum cleaners for explosion-proof

How to Prevent Dust Explosion?


First, prevent dust from flying and eliminate dust sources. It is recommended to spray water in the dust workshop, which can increase the water content in the pulverized material, and at the same time promote the settlement of dust and prevent the formation of dust clouds. In addition, clean up in the workshop and clean up manually in time.


Second, strictly control the fire source. Among the common fire sources, electric sparks, static electricity, friction sparks, high-temperature surfaces, welding and cutting sparks are the main causes of dust explosions.


Third, take reliable and effective protective measures. In order to reduce the destructiveness of the explosion, a pressure relief device can be installed to add inert gas (such as nitrogen) to the mixture of dust and combustion gas to reduce the oxygen content.


In order to prevent dust explosions, daily inspections are indispensable. Especially when dealing with explosive dust, it is necessary to conduct stricter monitoring and inspection.


The explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with an explosion-proof motor, a vacuum pump, an anti-static filter and a dust suction hose. The equipment shell has a grounding device to eliminate the risk of explosion in dusty air in the workplace. Metal chips and metal dust are separated by neutral liquid.


Industrial vacuum cleaners for explosion-proof are used in various industries. In the food processing industry, explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb dust in the packaging area of the flour mill. In the chemical industry, it can absorb large amounts of corrosive or flammable dust, and remove corrosive or flammable solid waste. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can absorb corrosive or flammable dust or volatile solvents. In the aluminum-magnesium machining industry, it can absorb and polish aluminum powder and magnesium powder. In the 3D printing industry, it can absorb aluminum, aluminum alloy and titanium powder. Explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners have been widely used in starch manufacturing, pharmacy, petrochemical, composite material processing, electrostatic spraying, aircraft maintenance and other industries.


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