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Eight Special Functions of Vacuum Cleaners

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Everyone is familiar with the vacuum cleaner. It has many uses and is a good helper at home. It is not only convenient for cleaning, but also has many unexpected special functions. dust vacuum cleaner

1. A Good Helper for Storage


When we put the quilts or down jackets that we don't usually use in a special sealed bag, we can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air inside, and the bag will be flat! It is much easier to use than a suction pump, because it can be done easily. This not only saves space but also prevents moisture, it is an especial suitable vacuum cleaner for humid places!


2. A Good Helper for Finding Small Objects

Sometimes we will inevitably drop small things to the ground. If it is a needle or ear studs, it may be potentially dangerous. Now the mini hobby vacuum cleaner comes in handy. First pull out the suction head, and then wrap the mouth of the suction tube with stockings or gauze. Adjust the wind of the mini table vacuum and slide it back and forth several times on the ground to easily suck small things into the air outlet. Is it convenient?


3. Repel Mosquitoes and Cockroaches

Have you been quarreled by mosquitoes so you can’t work or sleep, but you can’t catch them? Are you overwhelmed by the flies flying around the trash can? Are you scared by the cockroaches rampant in the corner, or you don’t want to trample them to death? Use a mini dust vacuum cleaner! You will find that it is very convenient!


4. Clean and Massage Pets

Households with pets can use the best multi floor vacuum to clean the pet's hair. Remember to reduce the power of the vacuum cleaner before use. It can be used with a pet's brush when it is sucked to prevent the hair from flying around, and it can also have a massage effect. I believe that your pet will be more intimate with you!


5. Remove Dust and Mites

Our quilt may take some time to clean. Over time, bacteria and dust mites will grow on it, but we can't see it with naked eyes. At this time, you can use a home appliances vacuum cleaners to vacuum back and forth, and the effect of using a bed sheet brush is better!


6. Vacuum Dust When Drilling

Vacuum cleaners also play a great role in decoration. When installing pendants on the wall and ceiling, punching is indispensable. The automatic hair vacuum is equipped with a pointed nozzle, which is placed under the impact drill bit. It can suck away all the ash that was hit when drilling. It will not stain the wall, and it can also prevent dust from blinding the eyes. portable carpet cleaner

7. Clean Computer Appliances

The accumulated dust may damage many household appliances. For example, too much dust in the computer will affect heat dissipation and burn out the motherboard or CPU. Electric appliances cannot be washed with water, and wiping with a damp cloth may be damaged. At this time, the best portable carpet cleaner comes in handy. With a light suction, the dust is gone. Using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your appliances is simple and convenient!


The most powerful vacuum for home is an essential appliance in the home. It not only brings clean environment to people, but also has many special functions. I believe that in the future life, vacuum cleaners will become more popular.




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