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Do You Know How to Clean the Fireplace?

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Many fireplaces are made entirely of cast iron. Although this material can effectively make combustion progress and provide sufficient continuous heat indoors, it also needs to be cleaned from time to time. After each use, ashes will accumulate in the fire box, and there may be residues of ashes and smoke inside. Cleaning the fireplace is divided into cleaning the inside and outside of the fireplace, and the vacuum cleaner can help us clean the fireplace very well.



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Clean the Inside of the Fireplace

1. Before we start scooping out the ashes from the stove, put an old newspaper in front of the fireplace. This is to protect the cleanliness of the environment, because the ashes can easily fall to the ground.


2. Before starting the cleaning and ash removal work, we should make sure that the combustion is over, that is to say, the furnace body is completely cooled and will not cause the ash re-ignition. We need to open the fireplace door and use an ash shovel to scoop up all remaining ashes in the stove. Then we should put the shoveled ashes into the ash bucket. After shoveling the ashes from the fire box, we need to place the lid back on the ashes pot and place the jar on a non-flammable surface such as bricks or tiles.


However, it is easy to cause the dust to fall to the ground if we shovel out the dust manually. If there is wind, it will blow the dust everywhere and it is difficult to clean. The more recommended cleaning method is to use a home vacuum cleaner, because the small vacuum cleaner for home is convenient and quick, and it will not get dust everywhere. It is best to use a home vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean the inside of the fireplace. We should fix the house vacuum cleaner hose attachment in the gas fireplace, and then turn on the domestic vacuum cleaner. This will effectively help us to remove internal dust or debris. Wrap the vacuum hose of the whole house vacuum cleaner with old rags and tape to protect it.


3. When the ash hopper or the dust bag of the household vacuum cleaner is full, we need to dispose of the ash and empty the ash bucket. We need to scatter the ashes far away from the house and other combustibles. It is worth mentioning that the ash produced by the burning of a fireplace is the most nutritious fertilizer in the garden.



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Clean the Outside of the Stove

1. We can scrape off the rust with a wire brush. The workload of this cleaning method depends entirely on the age of the furnace body. Focusing on cleaning the top of the cast iron furnace and other areas with visible rust can significantly reduce the workload.


2. After removing most of the rust and dirt with a wire brush, we can use sandpaper to remove the small residual rust. Polishing the entire outer surface of a real fire fireplace evenly and hard can eliminate traces or scratches caused by wire brushes or coarse sandpaper.



In the process of cleaning the fireplace, the problem is the process of shoveling the ash out of the fireplace. If we use an ash shovel, the ashes will fall out and be everywhere. But we use a house and home vacuum cleaners, this problem can be solved. Therefore, we recommend using a homemaker vacuum cleaner with a hose to clean the fireplace, which can save energy and time.




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