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Do You Know How to Clean Baseboard Molding?

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Baseboard molding is very necessary for the wall. It is mainly a protective measure for the wall to prevent the areas under the wall from being kicked to affect the appearance of wall. The baseboard molding is generally at the lower area of the wall, which is usually 15- 20cm height. Although baseboard molding can protect the wall, it is easy to get dirty, so it needs to be maintained and cleaned.



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Materials of the Baseboard Moldings

1.PVC Baseboard Molding

There are various kinds of materials for baseboard molding. Nowadays, PVC skirting is very common. Its appearance is very similar to that of wooden baseboard molding, because there is a layer of wood-grained leather on the surface. And because the price is cheap, there are more and more people who choose it. The surface layer is easy to fall off. The baseboard molding of this material can usually be cleaned by a floor vacuum cleaner.


2. Wooden Baseboard Molding

Wood baseboard molding is divided into solid wood and MDF. Among them, solid wood baseboard molding is expensive, so it is relatively rare, but the decorative effect and quality are better. If you choose hardwood baseboard molding, you should pay attention to climate changes during use, which is easy to affect the hardwood baseboard molding. Since wooden baseboard molding is expensive, it is best to use a hardwood floor vacuum to clean it.


3. Stone Baseboard Molding

There are two types of stone baseboard molding, including ceramic tiles and stone materials, which have strong practicability and long service life. They are commonly used in tile paving areas. A tile floor vacuum is a good choice when cleaning tiles and stone baseboard molding.


4. Stainless-Steel Baseboard Molding

Stainless steel baseboard molding has high cost and complex installation, but it is durable and does not require maintenance. Therefore, there are many people choosing it. However, the decoration effect is relatively limited and generally it is only suitable for modern style. Compared with traditional rags, the multi floor vacuum can clean the corners of the stainless-steel baseboard molding. And due to the use of the hard surface vacuum cleaner, the stainless-steel baseboard molding is less exposed to water and its service life will be extended.



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How to Clean the Dust on Baseboard Molding?

To clean the dust on the baseboard molding, we can first use a dry mop or rag to clean it, or we can choose a more labor-saving home vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. And the vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors can also clean the corner that the rag cannot wipe. And for some expensive baseboard molding, such as hardwood baseboard molding, it is best to choose a vacuum cleaner for wood floors. When cleaning the dust, we should not use a damp rag, otherwise the rag will easily stain the wall with the dust, making it more difficult to clean. After cleaning the dust on the surface of the baseboard molding, we can use a dry cloth to clean it again. This is to clean the more stubborn substances. Or we can use a special detergent to make it cleaner. However, for solid wood baseboard molding, it is better to keep the water as little as possible, and usually we choose to use a hard floor vacuum cleaner to maintain its cleanliness.



Baseboard molding can protect the clean and beautiful walls, and good maintenance can also make our house more beautiful. Among many cleaning methods, a household vacuum cleaner is the best choice. Hopefully, through the above introduction, you can know about how to clean baseboard molding.




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