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Comparison of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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1. Different application occasions


Commercial vacuum cleaners are mainly used in the living area to process domestic garbage and dust. Industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly used in industrial production areas to deal with related industrial waste and dust.


2. Different motivation


The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is mainly based on the power of the motor to drive the gas flow, so as to achieve the effect of vacuuming. The best rated commercial vacuum are mainly powered by commercial motors. The main power of industrial vacuum cleaners is turbo vacuum pumps. A few low-power single-phase power equipment use motors.


28.ridgid industrial vacuum cleaner

3. Comparison of Motor and Turbo Vacuum Pump


Commercial vacuum cleaner motors are carbon brush motors. Its power supply is mainly 220V/50Hz. The motor generates more heat during operation. It should not exceed 2 hours in a single continuous operation. Carbon brush motor carbon brush is easy to wear and has a limited life. The motor power is limited, that is, the air volume and negative pressure are limited. The common area of commercial industrial vacuum is the living area, and the sockets in the living area have a rated current of 10A. That is, a single device should not use more than 3 motors at the same time.Industrial vacuum cleaners use turbo vacuum pumps. Its motor part is a three-phase asynchronous motor, and the power supply is mainly three-phase power (three-phase 380V, three-phase 220V), and the operation is stable. The turbo vacuum pump generates less heat and has high temperature resistance. Its power supply is stable and can work continuously for 24 hours without maintenance. Its power can be as small as 0.25kw and as large as 29kw. That is, the power selection range is large, and the corresponding air volume selection and negative pressure selection have enough space to meet the needs of the use site. The turbo vacuum pump is produced with cast aluminum molds, and the overall strength of the motor is much greater than that of the carbon brush motor.


In summary, the advantages of choosing turbo vacuum pumps for big big industrial vacuum cleaners are very obvious.


4. Different material structure


The machine materials of commercial vacuum cleaners are mostly plastic, and the structure is integrated. Commercial vacuum cleaners are small and light. Industrial vacuum cleaner equipment materials are mainly SPCC, SUS201#, SUS304#, SUS316#. The strength of the whole industrial vacuum cleaner is far greater than that of plastic.


5. Strength analysis of industrial vacuum cleaners


A 3.0kw turbine of the ridgid industrial vacuum cleaner is 30kg. If it is a high-power motor, it will be heavier. Therefore, the equipment base must bear its weight. It is advisable to use SPCC materials, because plastic parts cannot bear it.


Industrial vacuum cleaners mainly rely on vacuum pumps to suck gas. That is to say, the cylinder part of the equipment must have a compressive effect to prevent flattening. So SPCC or SUS materials can meet the demand. Industrial shop floor sweepers are used in the first-line production area, and the environment is harsh. The whole equipment adopts SPCC material to help prevent the impact and damage of iron tools, so as to extend the service life.


6. Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion analysis


Industrial vacuum cleaners have a dust collection function. The container used by the equipment to collect dust should be made of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials for complex working conditions.


7. Structural analysis of industrial vacuum cleaners


According to the ratio of the size of the motor to the length and height of the industrial vacuum cleaner equipment, the overall structure of the industrial vacuum cleaner is divided into an upper and lower integrated structure, and a side-by-side structure.


28. Industrial vacuum cleaners

8.Different vibration dust structure


The best commercial vacuum cleaners usually does not appear to last for more than 2 hours. However, it is normal for industrial vacuum cleaners to work continuously for more than 4 hours, that is, the equipment needs to have a filter cleaning device.


9.Different filters


Commercial industrial vacuum cleaners use a filter made of bag-type needle felt as the main material, supplemented by a filter cartridge, or in other forms, with small filtration area and low filtration accuracy. The main filter area is less than 1 square. Some small commercial vacuum cleaners even use cotton balls, coarse cloth, and coarse paper with lower precision as their filtering devices. Commercial industrial vacuum cleaners generally have low requirements for filter accuracy.


Good industrial vacuum cleaner filters are divided into filter bag type, filter cartridge type and plate and frame type. The filtration area ranges from 1 square meter to 10 square meters, or even larger. The filtration accuracy can reach 0.1μm. Industrial vacuum cleaners have high requirements for filter accuracy and efficiency. Cartridge filter is divided into filter paper filter cartridge, stainless steel filter barrel and so on. The plate and frame type is divided into metal mesh filter, activated carbon cloth filter, and activated carbon particle integrated filter.


10. Different packaging


Light commercial vacuum cleaners are mainly packaged in cartons. The commercial vacuum cleaner is lighter overall, and the carton is enough to bear the weight of a commercial machine. The weight of industrial vacuum cleaners ranges from 50kg to 1000kg, or even heavier. Packaging and shipping cartons are unbearable and must be shipped in wooden boxes.




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