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Comparison of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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Nowadays, there are more and more types of vacuum cleaners on the market. The two vacuum cleaners are relatively new types of vacuum cleaners, one is industrial vacuum cleaner and the other is commercial vacuum cleaner. But many people will feel confused when choosing between the industrial vacuum cleaner and commercial vacuum cleaner. So, in order to help everyone to choose the right vacuum cleaner, we will introduce the difference between industrial vacuum cleaner and commercial vacuum cleaner in this article.



73-heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners

1. Different Materials

In terms of appearance, industrial cleaning equipment and commercial dust vacuum cleaners are similar, but the materials used are different. Industrial vacuum cleaners usually use metal casings, while the outer shell of commercial vacuum cleaners are mainly made of polyethylene.



2. Different Capacities

Due to the different environments in which they are used, heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners are generally used in the industrial field with more garbage, so the capacity of the trash can is much larger, while the capacity of commercial vacuum cleaners is relatively small.



3. Different Size of Wind

The size of the wind directly affects the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Since the waste cleaned by industrial vacuum cleaners is relatively heavy, the suction power is very big. While commercial vacuum cleaners have different application ranges, so the suction power is relatively small.



4. Different Filters

Due to different working environments and different garbage, the filter of industrial vacuum cleaner is much more accurate than the filter of commercial vacuum cleaner, so it can absorb more things and adapt to more types of environments.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are generally equipped with multi-layer filters. The 0.3-micron particle filtration accuracy reaches 99.99%. It is an ideal model for cleaning small dust and metal dust. And the commercial vacuum cleaners have only one filter with a filter accuracy of 5-6 microns, which is far from reaching the requirements for absorbing fine dust.



73-industrial dust vacuum cleaner

5. Different Power Supply

Industrial vacuum cleaners have higher motor efficiency and longer use time, using 380V power supply, while vacuum cleaners for commercial use have shorter use time and 220V power supply.



6. Different Use Time

Industrial vacuum cleaners can work very long, generally up to 24 hours, while commercial vacuum cleaners are usually used for 1 to 3 hours.



7. Different Motors

Most series of commercial grade HEPA vacuum cleaners use domestic motors with brush, which have poor heat resistance and cannot be used for a long time. Industrial vacuum cleaner motors are generally imported heat-resistant motors. Compared with commercial vacuum cleaners of the same power, this motor has large suction power, strong efficiency and low noise, and its service life is more than three times that of commercial vacuum cleaner motors.



Through the above points, we can simply distinguish the differences between industrial dust vacuum cleaners and commercial wide vacuum cleaner, including material of outer shell, capacity, size of wind, filters, power supply, working time and motors. After we understand their differences, we can more correctly choose the best vacuum cleaner

for ourselves according to our needs.




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