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Comparison of Handhold Vacuum Cleaner and Traditional Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

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After counting the shortcomings in the design of vacuum cleaner products, we hope to find a good product so that most home users can clean more easily. So lets talk about the handhold vacuum cleaners in new style.


The most basic function of a vacuum cleaner is to meet the floor cleaning needs in daily life. Lets look at the difference between the traditional handhold vacuum cleaner and the new handhold vacuum cleaner from the design . The weight of the traditional hand-held vacuum cleaner is set at the position of the handle, forming a corresponding laborious lever; and the new handhold vacuum cleaner moves the weight of the host down to form a labor-saving lever, bringing the effect of vertical suction and pushing light. of the vacuum cleaner body

Over the years, traditional handhold vacuum have always focused on product upgrades in terms of suction enhancement and endurance upgrade. But this type of handhold vacuum cleaner host is not light weight, and are concentrated above the human hand. During use, the arm needs to be constantly exerted.


The new handhold vacuum cleaner uses a handhold combination design, which makes the center of gravity of the whole machine lower. The main weight of the whole machine is pressed against the ground during work, and the force supported by the hand is very small. This design actually utilizes the principle of levers, and the ergonomic design places the body of the vacuum cleaner in the lower part of the body.


In addition to cleaning the ground and high places, home users also need to know how to clean up while cleaning up. When using hand-held vacuum cleaner products, it is almost difficult to clean up while picking up the items. In the stacked area of the items, the machine can only be put aside temporarily. The switching method of the new hand-held vacuum cleaner solves this problem well.


17.handhold vacuum cleaners in new style

The cleaning of the vacuum cleaner body is often a problem that troubles people. Because some of these products cannot get wet. For some hand-held vacuum cleaners, the dust cartridge with one-button pouring is a very intimate design. But if you want to wash the dust canister, you should disassemble the vacuum cleaner entirely. The new style of vacuum cleaner can easily remove the dust, and it can be washed easily without worrying about the effect of long-term cleaning.


This vacuum cleaner is made of nylon material, which can absorb garbage and wipe dirt like a rag when sucking on the ground. The brush head with dry wipe function can do the cleaning work without damaging the floor. Its mite removal brush vacuum cleaner uses a hard leather strip and a soft bristle composite roller brush. When the roller brush rotates at a high speed, the leather strip beats the surface of the futon sofa like a stick, which makes it easier to clean up the deep mites and let them escape.


 For households who pay attention to the practicality and durability of cleaning, the hand-held vacuum cleaner has a light and labor-saving design and rich cleaning functions, which can meet diverse cleaning needs. It can make people truly feel that technology liberates hands, making the experience of saving time and effort more real and profound.


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