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Common Problems of Accessories of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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In order to ensure the normal operation of industrial cleaning equipment, in addition to reasonable maintenance of dust removal equipment, industrial cleaning equipment accessories should also be used reasonably to prevent them from being worn out too quickly. Especially the use of filter media, such as filter bag clogging, filter bag wear, perforation, falling off and other phenomena will accelerate the loss. In the dust removal and cleaning process, what common problems should we pay attention to when using industrial floor cleaning machines?



71-industrial cleaning equipment accessories

Clogging Problem of Dust Filter Bag of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

If the filter bag is blocked due to the long-time of use, the delay in cleaning the dust and the inappropriate selection of the filter material, the filter resistance of the heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner will increase. The clogging of the filter bag is the main cause of the phenomenon of worn out, perforation and shedding of the filter bag.


So how to solve the clogging of the filter bag? The following is the solution to the blockage of the filter bag of industrial floor cleaner. We should always pay attention to remove dust to eliminate clogging of the filter bag. And we should replace the improper filter bags with proper ones partly or completely. In addition, we need to adjust the cleaning cycle and time, as well as installation and operating conditions.



71-industrial floor cleaner

Damage to the Filter Bag of Industrial Cleaning Machine

The shape of the filter bag and the improper installation method of the filter bag will cause the filter bag to be easily damaged, which can be inspected and repaired. We will analyze the reasons and treatment methods of filter bag damage.


1. The new and old filter bags of the industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner should not be mixed to avoid the difference in damage time from affecting the normal operation of the equipment.


2. We should check if there are any holes in the filter bag of vacuum cleaner for industrial use. It should be disassembled and blown with compressed air. Then we need to check if there are any holes. After repairing the holes, leave them for replacement. If the filter bag is stuck with dust, rinse it with water, and leave it to be replaced after it has dried.



In addition to the above, when the large industrial vacuum cleaners are just starting, new devices may be damaged due to abnormal temperature, pressure, moisture and many other factors. The sudden change of the gas temperature of the industrial dust vacuum cleaners will cause the deformation of the fan shaft, resulting in an unbalanced state, and vibration during operation. Once the operation is stopped, the temperature drops sharply, and vibration will occur again when restarting. It is best to choose different types of fans according to the gas temperature. The test operation of the equipment directly affects whether it can be put into normal operation. If it is not handled properly, the industrial grade vacuum cleaner is likely to lose its effectiveness quickly. Therefore, the test operation of the equipment must be careful and cautious.




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