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Cleaning the Workshop Garbage with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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The factory workshop produces uninterrupted production every day, and industrial waste is generated during the production. These rubbish are not ordinary dust. These wastes often contain oil, iron filings, sand and other solid and liquid impurities. They are sticky and difficult to clean, and they are corrosive to equipment. If they are not cleaned in time, they will stick to the ground and equipment, and it will be a very troublesome matter over time. But only an industrial vacuum cleaner can solve the problem of garbage in the workshop.


With more and more factories nowadays, clean floors in warehouses and production workshops have also become a major problem. Speaking of common ground types for vacuum cleaner tile floors, there are cement floors, wear-resistant floors, cement hardened floors, etc. These different types of floors can be cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaning machine.


37.special industrial vacuum cleaner

How to carry out daily cleaning in textile mills? Textile mills are mostly rubbish such as cloth strips, cotton threads and wool. Moreover, the fluff is very light and easy to fly. Obviously a broom is definitely not an ideal cleaning option. Not only does it not clean, but also causes fluff to fly.


Because the cloth strips need to be cleaned, the sweeper is not suitable for use in textile factories. The cloth strips will wrap around the brush of the sweeper and make it unable to work properly. And even if there is no cloth strip, the sweeping brush will be entangled with fluff, and it will not work properly in a long time.


Industrial rug cleaning machines can solve this problem. The industrial vacuum cleaner adopts a lower air intake design according to the light weight characteristics of the textile industry, which can quickly collect the fluff on the ground or machine tools. Moreover, after the garbage is inhaled, it will be compressed and work normally for a long time, and the vacuum cleaner will not cause problems.


37. vacuum cleaner tile floors

How to maintain the special industrial vacuum cleaner in the workshop?


We must clean up the debris in the barrel in time. Barrels are net storage when kept when not in use. The dust bag should be cleaned after work, and check whether it has perforations or leaks.


Check whether the power cord and plug are damaged. After use, the power coil should be wound into a bundle and hung on the head hook. If it is used to absorb water, remove the filter element when using it, and then absorb water.


If the solid-liquid mixture is inconvenient to remove the filter element, clean the filter element after use. After it has been dried, put it back into the vacuum cleaner. It is strictly forbidden to continue working with a damp filter element.


In addition, all kinds of industrial battery vacuum cleaners are attached with accessories, and they should be stored in a fixed location after use, so that they can be quickly found next time to prevent littering and loss.


Our company not only produces professional industrial vacuum cleaners, but can also provide household vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, pond vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners, etc. Our industrial vacuum cleaners specially can customize for factories and help them reduce the dust pollution of the factory and ensure their production quality. If you need a vacuum cleaner, we will be your reliable choice.




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