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Classification of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Industrial vacuum cleaner is the cleaning equipment for cleaning and purifying dust in industrial production. It uses the air pressure difference between the barrel of the vacuum cleaner and the outside of the barrel to suck the cleaning materials into the barrel, and then passes a certain filtration to achieve the cleaning and sanitation effect.


At present, industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in factory production, and the product types are becoming more and more diverse. There are many types according to different classification principles. For example, according to the structure of industrial vacuum cleaners, it is divided into three categories.


23.Industrial vacuum cleaner

1. Vertical industrial vacuum cleaner.


The overall shape of the vertical industrial vacuum cleaner is a barrel or a square, and the inner part is upper and lower. The upper part is equipped with a motor, which is the power part, and the lower part is the dust box.


2. Horizontal vacuum cleaner.


Horizontal vacuum cleaners are mostly rectangular or car-shaped, divided into front and rear parts. The front part is the dust box, and the rear part is the motor part.


3. Portable vacuum cleaner.


There are four types of vertical vacuum cleaners: shoulder vacuum cleaner, rod vacuum cleaner, portable vacuum cleaner, and micro vacuum cleaner. The shoulder vacuum cleaner has a small shape and can be used on the shoulder. Its disadvantage is that the operating power is also small. The rod-type vacuum cleaner is shaped like a rod, with a handle at the upper end and a suction nozzle at the lower end, and the power is relatively small. The hand-held vacuum cleaner has a smaller volume, can be directly held in the hand, and has less power. Mini vacuum cleaners are more battery-powered and smaller in size. It is mostly used for cleaning clothes, instruments, etc. and has low power.


23.vertical industrial vacuum cleaner

According to the function classification, industrial vacuum cleaners can also have the following categories.


1. Industrial vacuum cleaner/cloth bag industrial vacuum cleaner


Industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers produce corresponding vacuum cleaners for the cleaning, collection and sorting of dust, particles, and oily substances scattered on the ground and work surfaces of workshops, clean rooms, electronics, food, pharmaceutical production lines, metal processing workshops, etc.


2. High-power industrial vacuum cleaner


The high-power industrial vacuum cleaner is aimed at industrial dust, especially large particle dust. High-power industrial vacuum cleaners can be designed with basic power above 5.5kw and below 37kw, with a capacity above 100L.


3. Central industrial vacuum cleaner


Industrial vacuum cleaners that share one vacuuming equipment in multi-storey buildings, multiple workshops, and multiple vacuuming points are called central vacuum cleaners. The characteristics of the central vacuum cleaner are high power, high degree of intelligence, large dust collecting barrel capacity, and zero air leakage in the suction pipe.


4. Explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner/wet water filter industrial vacuum cleaner


As long as production and processing are carried out, dust will inevitably occur. Part of the dust produced in production is flammable and explosive when it reaches a certain concentration.The explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner produced by our company specializes in vacuum cleaning and purifying explosive dust.


Some dusts have high temperature, sparks, high viscosity, and high oiliness. Wet water filter industrial vacuum cleaners produced by our company are specialized for this kind of dust.


5. Laser welding industrial vacuum cleaner


Laser welding is now very common in industrial production. In order to avoid the damage to the laser head caused by the large amount of dust generated by laser welding and to clean the workshop environment, the laser welding industrial vacuum cleaner is widely used.


6. Polish industrial vacuum cleaner/ welding industrial vacuum cleaner


Polishing industrial vacuum cleaners and welding industrial vacuum cleaners are also known as grinding and welding work platforms. As long as working within the scope of the vacuum cleaner, the generated dust will be purified and absorbed.


7. Small industrial vacuum cleaner/3D printing industrial vacuum cleaner/custom industrial vacuum cleaner


The diversification of the industrial market has diversified the demands and demands of industrial vacuum cleaners. Factories have customized requirements for the shape, function and parameters of vacuuming. Our company is an industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer and  we can meet various customized industrial vacuum cleaners.




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