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Can Vacuum Cleaners Completely Clean the Dust?

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How is the dust recovery rate of the vacuum cleaner?


According to the tests we have come across, we have never encountered a product that can recover 100% of the test dust. In different materials, dust is probably recovered to more than 96-98%, which is basically invisible to the eyes. If the home vacuum cleaner can achieve such a cleaning effect, it is possible to obtain a dust recovery rate of more than 99% after repeated cleaning several times.


But most vacuum cleaners are far from these numbers. The most exaggerated is that customers may also encounter vacuum cleaners with a recycling rate of less than 70%. Using such a vacuum cleaner is simply a disaster. You have to spend more time dealing with housework that should have been completed within a few minutes. If the living environment is complex with all kinds of garbage, and there are pets and carpets in the house, it is better not to use such a vacuum cleaner.


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Why the vacuum cleaner cannot be cleaned completely?


There are many reasons why the house vacuum cleaner cannot be cleaned completely. There are two most common reasons, one is the floor material and the other is the type of garbage.


1. Carpet is the biggest obstacle to cleaning


A vacuum cleaner that performs well on the floor will not do well once it encounters a carpet, especially cordless vacuum cleaners.


The power of a wireless vacuum cleaner is lower than that of a wired one, and the cleaning relies on a roller brush. Rolling brush can clean the dust on the surface of the floor, but it will be a bit difficult to clean up the garbage deep in the carpet. The adhesion of the dust on the carpet itself is stronger than that of the floor, causing the performance of the wireless vacuum cleaner to be 20% worse than on the floor.


If it is a long-haired carpet and the trash is hidden deeper, the cordless vacuum cleaner can't handle it at all, and you can only use a wired vacuum cleaner. The wireless vacuum cleaner also increases the resistance of the roller brush, which will increase the power consumption and reduce the battery life.


2. Pet hair is the most difficult garbage to clean up


If the pet hair is on materials such as floor tiles, just spend more time cleaning it and remove the roller brush. If the hair is tangled in fabrics and carpets, it will be difficult to clean it with a domestic vacuum cleaner. Fabric sofas are relatively easy to clean, but the cleaning effect is still not very good.


3. The difference in the cleaning effect of different vacuum cleaners


The effect of different vacuum cleaners on hair cleaning varies greatly. For household vacuum cleaners of the same price, some vacuum cleaners can achieve 1% hair residue, but some vacuum cleaners may have 40% hair residue. Even the cleaning effect of many famous brand vacuum cleaners is not satisfactory. Therefore, if you blindly choose a vacuum cleaner and your cleaning needs are complicated, there is a high probability that you will buy a vacuum cleaner that is not very satisfactory.


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