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Are Expensive Vacuums Worth It?

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As with all things in the world of consumerism, a higher price generally denotes better quality and more. The same applies to vacuums. When comes to what kinds of vacuum cleaners should we buy, the choices are many and the variety is even greater. If you have the budget for a vacuum in just about any price range, your objective is probably to buy the best vacuum for your needs that’s available on the market. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying an expensive vacuum cleaner for your home. 

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Pro: Higher price means higher quality

One reason why some vacuum cleaners are more expensive than others is the cost of its parts. Higher quality vacuum cleaners cost more than lesser quality, and the more high-quality parts a vacuum has, the higher the cost price of simply manufacturing the vacuum. Therefore, a higher vacuum cleaner price often does indicate that a vacuum is comprised of better quality parts, such as a more powerful and durable motor. With higher quality parts and price, many expensive vacuums also deliver superior performance.


Con: Higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality

While higher prices usually mean higher quality parts, not all expensive vacuum cleaners deliver a higher quality cleaning job. That’s because high-quality parts are only part of the formula for an effective vacuum cleaner; the design is the other half of that equation. Some vacuum cleaners are known for being far too high priced for its poor design that delivers a disappointing cleaning job. Some vacuum cleaners are known for the highest priced vacuums , but they never top the lists of best vacuums on the market at any price.


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Pro: Expensive vacuums have more features, attachments, and accessories

Another reason why expensive vacuums are so expensive is that they come with advanced, technological features and a bunch of attachments and accessories for your various cleaning requirements. Such features include hand controls, digital displays, automatic height adjustments, laser dirt sensors, full bin indicators, HEPA filters and more. Attachments and accessories often include crevice tools, dusting brushes, pet hair removers, other special cleaning heads and even an accessory bag.


Con: Expensive vacuums have more features, attachments, and accessories than the average consumer needs

It is often true that with the higher price, you also get a lot for your money, even a lot more than you need sometimes. This can often be the case with expensive vacuum cleaners, as the average consumer doesn’t use every single tool and brush that comes with their vacuum. In fact, when expensive vacuum cleaners don’t come with a means of storing all the extras that it comes with, these pieces quickly get misplaced, lost and even accidentally thrown out or chewed up by a pet, making that extra little investment hardly worthwhile. In the case of most homeowners, you can get a home vacuum cleaner for much cheaper with just as many accessories and even power. At least that way, the loss of any vacuum parts won’t be such a big loss of an investment.


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