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Advantages and Special Functions of industrial vacuum cleaners

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Since many vacuum cleaners are mainly used in industry, people are accustomed to refer to vacuum cleaners as industrial vacuum cleaners. With the continuous improvement of corporate cleaning awareness, industrial vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular. Why do companies choose industrial vacuum cleaners for cleaning? There are the advantages and some special functions of industrial vacuum cleaners.


42. industrial vacuum cleaning equipment

1. Industrial vacuum units have high working efficiency. The same working area and manual cleaning greatly shorten the working time.


2. The cleaning cost of the factory cleaning machine is low. It is certain that the cleaning cost per unit area of machinery is lower than that of labor. It can replace 5 manual cleaning, save a lot of labor wages, and cope with rising wages.


3. Industrial vacuum cleaner cleaning machinery can avoid the uneven use of cleaning agents and the uneven cleaning effect. It adopts a combination of vacuuming and water absorption, which is much cleaner than traditional manual sweeping.


In addition, industrial vacuum cleaning machine used in workshops can recycle waste raw materials and improve work efficiency in the machining manufacturing industry. It can absorb grinding dust, recover metal raw materials such as iron filings and aluminum filings, and keep the factory clean. This not only achieves rapid cleaning, but also avoids dust. It can absorb fine fibers in the production process in the textile industry, which can improve product quality. It can recover some expensive catalysts in the chemical industry. As a kind of environmental protection equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners can be used in different factory environments.


Industrial vacuum cleaners can be used with machinery, which is conducive to the maintenance of factory machinery. It can be used for dust removal and waste treatment of factory production machinery, which prevents the waste in the machinery production process from damaging the machine. It can also absorb different materials at control points, which is beneficial to the health of employees.


Whether it is the polishing industry, the chemical industry, the construction industry or the textile industry, a large amount of dust will be generated in these places. If the dust is not removed in time, it will be more or less inhaled by the staff in the air, which will cause some occupational diseases. Generally, there are vacuum cleaners for dust removal and collectors for raising dust.


42.industrial vacuum cleaning machine


Although industrial vacuum cleaners are a kind of cleaning equipment used in industry, you may not know that there are other special functions of industrial vacuum cleaning equipment?


1. We can use an industrial vacuum cleaner to face window sills, door sills, and blind corners of the room. It saves time and effort.


2. Before we put some woolen clothes into the box, we can suck it up with an industrial vacuum cleaner, which is convenient for cleaning and has a good effect.


3. When spider webs or dust appear on the ceiling, we can use an industrial vacuum cleaner to suck it up to make the ceiling as clean as ever.


4. Dust on the surface of electrical appliances like TV sets can also be sucked by industrial vacuum cleaners.


5. You can also use industrial vacuum cleaners to clean other places, which is simple and convenient.


The industrial vacuum cleaner is widely applied in industry and other fields, and it is very convenient and useful. The advantages and special functions of industrial vacuum cleaner is obvious. If you need some vacuum cleaners like industrial vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaners, pond vacuum cleaner, ash vacuum cleaners, etc. you are welcome to contact Roly vacuum cleaner supplier.




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