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7 Special Ways to Use Vacuum Cleaners

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People’s lives are getting better and better. Many people use household vacuum cleaners to clean their homes. Compared with the traditional way of cleaning with brooms, the biggest advantage of vacuum cleaners is that they can directly suck away the dust and hair on the floor, which is more convenient and clean. But home vacuum cleaners can also be used in many other ways besides cleaning. In this article, we will introduce seven clever ways to use a vacuum cleaner.




1. Seal Quilts and Down Jackets

The storage of quilts and down jackets at home takes up a lot of space, and if the home is humid, the quilts and down jackets may become moldy, which greatly affects the use of them. Therefore, many people will consider using sealed vacuum bags to store quilts and down jackets. If we don’t have an air pump that is used for the airtight bag, we can use a vacuum cleaner for home use to suck the air out of the airtight quilt and down jacket. The suction speed of the suction pump is relatively slow, and the suction speed of the vacuum cleaner is much faster, and it also saves time. After sealing in this way, it saves space and can prevent the quilt and down jacket from getting moldy.



2. Take Out the Needles or Ear Studs Dropped in the Cracks of the Floor

The floor vacuum cleaner can be used to take out the needles or ear studs dropped in the cracks of the floor. We first pull out the suction head on the vacuum cleaner, and then wrap it with a thin layer of gauze. If there is no gauze, we can directly wrap the vacuum cleaner with stockings. Then increase the wind power, put the vacuum cleaner in the gap of the floor and suck it back and forth to suck out the needles or ear studs in the gap, so that these are attached to the gauze. Then the needles or ear studs are removed from the gauze. The method is also suitable for taking small objects that fall in the gap.



3. Suck Mosquitoes

In summer, after we eat the fruit, we throw the peel and core in the trash can. Sometimes there are many mosquitoes flying on the trash can. Moreover, these mosquitoes are so small that it is difficult to destroy them by ordinary methods. At this time, we can use a small vacuum cleaner for home to suck them all in. And if there are many mosquitoes in the toilet, they can also be sucked by a vacuum cleaner, which is much more convenient and labor-saving than ordinary methods.



4. Clean the Curtains

It is very troublesome to clean the curtains, but the curtains will be covered with dust if they are not cleaned for a long time. But if we use a handy vacuum cleaner for home to clean the curtains every week, the problem can be solved. The main reason that the curtains need to be cleaned is that they are dusty, and the dust on them can be easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner.



57 industrial vacuum cleaner

5. Clean Up Pet Hair

If we have a pet, we can reduce the power of the house vacuum cleaner, and then use a brush while sucking on the pet's hair. This is much better than cleaning with a hair dryer. After using the hair dryer, we must clean the house again, while the vacuum cleaner is much more convenient.



6. Clean the Dust in Electrical Appliances

The easiest appliances to accumulate dust are computers and televisions. If the mainframe of the computer has been used for a long time, we need to send it to a professional shop to clean it, otherwise it will greatly affect the running speed. At home, we can directly use a good vacuum cleaner for home to absorb the dust inside, which can also make the life of the computer longer.



7. Suck Away Bacteria on the Surface of the Quilt

The quilt in winter will generally be used for four to five months. If it is not cleaned, there will be a lot of bacteria in it. We can vacuum the quilts with the powerful vacuum cleaner for home so that the bacteria inside can be reduced.



The above are 7 ways to use a vacuum cleaner cleverly. By learning these methods, we can make the best use of the vacuum cleaner for home cleaning and also make the home clean and tidy.




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